Smart / Proximity Card Terminals

HRX Range of Terminals

The HRX Series uses proximity card technology. Proximity cards use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to communicate with the terminal from a short distance away. This makes the system fast and efficient, as cards can remain inside wallets or purses during clocking. And unlike Magstripe cards, there is no wear and tear on the badges or the reader, so regular cleaning or maintenance is not required. We supply cards or key fobs that employees use to clock in or out. Benefits of using the proximity technology as opposed to the older Magstripe or bar-coding systems include the following:

  • no wear and tear on the badges or reader
  • no routine cleaning of the reader
  • no downtime due to reader failure
  • high throughput of employees
  • no queues to clock in or out
  • key fobs can't be forgotten
  • no damage to cards due to magnetic fields
  • cards can stay in wallet/purse for clocking

The HRX 1000
This is our new entry level system, designed as a self-install ‘plug and play’ solution for smaller businesses. It uses a simplified version of the Focus software called Focus Lite. More information can be found here....

  • RS-232 to PC Comm port
  • TCP/IP to PC network



The HRX 3000

HRX3000This system is our core Time and Attendance unit. It uses the highest quality proximity technology and our Focus Pro software. Our system is designed to integrate flawlessly with your own computer system, and can connect in any of the following ways:

  • RS-232 to PC Comm port
  • TCP/IP to PC network (can be wireless)
  • landline modem
  • GSM modem.

The HRX 3000 can also be connected directly to your fire alarm. This will allow it to produce a report of employees on the premises in the event of the alarm sounding. The report will be produced at the printer or printers of your choice, usually near to the Fire Assembly Point. The system does not require a computer or network to produce this report, so it will work even in the event of a fire in the server room.


The HRX 5000

As well as offering all the features of our HRX 3000 model the HRX 5000 also handles access control, and bells (such as factory bells announcing breaks). This means that authorised personnel can use their proximity cards for both clocking in/out and gaining access to protected areas of the building. The Access Control features include the following:


  • built in hardware to control 2 doors
  • relay output
  • remote proximity reader
  • door ajar alarm
  • door exit timer